Thursday, June 25, 2015

the land of reality

A lot of time we see things that aren't true.because our mind diverts what we see to suit what we wish for or want , so we divert every truth just to keep living that dream and build that beautiful house of cards ,until one day we get hit by something so powerful that knock us out of our white cloud and we fall down to the land of reality and we start to see the ugly truth , then we ask ourselves how come we didn't see that before ,how did we fall for it? ,are we that stupid? Because it's clear as a diamond it was all lies , how were we so blind .Then we start blaming others for deceiving us & giving us false hope, but sadly again its our mind diverting the truth ,people didn't deceive us our mind did ,our mind diverts the truth so we believed their lies, And that is the truth .but we would  still prefer the lie "that others are to blame" than the truth so we can continue on living with ourselves. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm yours

If only you know ,how easy for you to own me, control me and have me. All you have to do , is to make me feel that you are mine and I'm yours . And I would be like a pun in your hand. You will have me  body and soul.  You just have to say "you are mine,i want you and I won't share you" be greedy when it comes to me ,maybe for you those are just words but for me those are every thing i ever needed from you.
You already own me, you just have to claim me. For you and just you I'm as easy as it gets . If you just understand and I wish you do, because I want you and I want to be owned by  you.