Monday, December 23, 2013

Longing for you

Longing for romance ,long for him to hold my hand longing for his warm hugs,for the safty that cover me between his arms , for his jealousy and most of all longing for his love. so where are you .i need you to find my happiness , because with out you i'm just passing through life ,like a ghost with out you i'm lost. I need you because you are my reason for my being.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

IF you dont like me just keep walking no one ask for ur opinion

I'm sensual, I like hot men ,I think girls should be sexy , I hate liars ,I love rain ,I love snow ,I love standing on edge, I love dangerous sport ,I love to be free ,I hate society Customs and tradition's chains and I love to dance on loud music with a lot of drum. If you don't like me just keep walking But if you think that make me impolite or slut then fuck off

Friday, October 25, 2013

if you want me ,woo me ,love me dont crave me

I have sexy body so when guys deal with me, they act like I'm a piece of meat not human.I'm sick of it ,I'm sick of them.I'm human ,I'm a woman  ,I need care I need love . You know I'm not frozen or cold.I'm a very sexual person.
but is it wrong to only want to be sexual with the person I love or like. Why is it that boys now a day don't bother trying to win the girl heart just try to get in her pants. Amn't I worth the trouble . I want a man to woo me ,love me not to crave me . Make me crave you  and you got me.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

i'm unique

i'm unique so don't compare me to other ,it's not vanity it's just the truth no one look like me,no one love like me ,no one care like me ,no one will treat you like me,no one has my mistake, no one fail my fall and no one suffer like me . if  you compare me to others you will lose me..
you can't predict my action so don't try, don't try to analyze me or figure me out just accept me with my craziness, accept the bad and the good in me and don't try to own me just love me and i will be yours for ever .<3

Monday, June 17, 2013

I need you

i need you ,i need to through my self in your arms and through all my problem away, i need you so i can feel safe just by knowing that your arms around me hugging me and pulling me tight to your chest that i cant breath but i dont mind you are my breathe my reason to live .i need you to run your fingers through my hair to give me butterfly and make me blush , if you touch me my body tremble down , i keep wishing you want me as bad as i want you .i need you to need me,i know its selfish but i Want to be your reason to live,i want to make you happy. i need you to feel because with out you i'm numb ,i'm waiting for you do you want me as much as i want you . i need you to bring me to life. bring me to life.

Friday, January 25, 2013


LOVE is a flower that blooms and blossom in  the nurture of your heart, but if you don't nurture it will Wither & fall. Believing in love is like believing in God,  believing in something you can't see or describe, but still you can feel rocking every cell in your body and make you fall in the ecstasy vortex if you got it and shatter your heart if you lose it .
if that is not worth waiting for what would I will wait for you because there is nothing compare to my fear of not having you in my life ,even if I have it for one instant.

Thomas Merton

I didn't write this but i couldn't help  but share it ,it so amazing that when am reading i am feeling something in my heart physical feelings i dont know what is it and i cant even describe it , but i wanna share that feeling with you.
Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone—we find it with another. We do not discover the secret of our lives merely by study and calculation in our own isolated meditations. The meaning of our life is a secret that has to be revealed to us in love, by the one we love. [Love and Living: 25.]
The mature person realizes that life affirms itself most, not in acquiring things, but in giving time, effort, strength, intelligence, and love to others. Here a different kind of dialectic of life and death begins to appear. The living drive, the vital satisfaction, by “ending” its trend to self-satisfaction and redirecting itself to and for others, transcends itself. It “dies” insofar as the ego is concerned… Hence, life “dies” to itself in order to give itself away and thus affirms itself more maturely, more fruitfully, and more completely. We live in order to die to ourselves and give everything to others. …This “dying” to self in order to give to others is nothing more or less than a higher and more special affirmation of life. Such dying is the fruit of life, the evidence of mature and productive living. It is, in fact, the end or the goal of life. [Love and Living: p. 102]

frankly my dear i dont give a dam

I'm  a girl and from the arab world and that mean alot of should and should not alot of rules. her if a girl get harasment they blame her , they say she didnt dress right. if a girl get raped they blame her , hit her and most off the time kill her .and i lived by all of that , idont like it but i lived by it. but its geting worse , girl are not allowed to live alone, it conseder impolite , girl goes out of her house only to her husband house, and when i say hasband it mostly arange marriage  because we are not allowed to date . and if i try to just talk out this rules i would be impolite , i just has a big fight with my father because i support gay right , i cant even choose my religion or even my clothe .am 28years old and my father choose my jobs i cant go out with my friend with out his permation . i try to talk to my parent about this thing once they said am impolite ,loser, intervel and stupid for discussing  that and that i am selfish and dont care what would people say and what would islam say and that i must be sick for thinking like that , and i dont care about my sister reputation and about my mom and what will happen to them if i leave and that i dont care for them . the only thing that keep flashing to my mind the whole figh is saying "frankly my dear i dont give a dam and leave the house".