Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Well l'm  watching this new soap opera called as the world turns . It has that amazing  gay love story between dr reid oliver and luke , so i was searching for where to download it and i stamp on site  its like hate mail for the show and and their only reason because the stars are gays . So what i'm asking is why i know it is against our religion but we do thing against their religion too so should they hate us and attack us too and i'm not talking only about gay i'm talking about black and white , right and left handed, man or women and religion .does every body have  to be the same and if not are we going to be groups of enemy . Is this really what we are aming for. In the end we are all human . And not being able to see  eye to eye to the another person doesn't make us or them wrong. It make us special . Its the different between us and any living  being