Friday, March 4, 2016

Black hole

I fell in a hole and I can't get out ,and I'm taking all my life with me .I try hard to get out, but every time I try, I fell even deeper , I can't find a way out . A lot of time I think about Surrendering but I can't.  I can't fight and I can't give up . I'm standing in between and I can't move.
I need help but I don't know how or where to get it. Sometimes  I think I don't deserve it .I did things , I'm I ashamed of myself ,feeling like I don't deserve to be happy. Some time I feel it's too late for me to be saved.
Time stop for no one , maybe it's too late for me. Even if I got saved ,it's too late to start over .
What should I do , should I lay down and die .
Or maybe it doesn't matter how many mistakes I have done or how much time went by , maybe there is still a chance to break free ,To be happy.
I truly hope there is a chance because I really need one .I need a ray of hope. I need to know that I will get out one day and it won’t be too late to be happy. Do I make any sense ????