Wednesday, April 8, 2015


On my second year in Egypt ,I use to lose my way a lot because I didn't know much about the streets of Egypt, then I started to like the idea of getting lost so much that I invented a game, I use to play it with a friend ,we go somewhere and go into random street without knowing their  names and then try to find our way back .I discovered new places and we had A lot of laughs  ,it was fun . I miss it . I want to get lost I need to get lost . I need to be free of responsibility ,get rid of my shackles and be free to get lost.
Did you ever try that? You should ,if you didn't you are missing a lot.
A lot of fun,a lot of freedom ,alot of discovery ,a lot of new places. I cant describe the feeling .you had to try it to know it.
Choose nice place not gang territory